Taiwan earthquake latest: Entire buildings flattened, 700 injured and many feared trapped | World | News

Around 60 individuals trapped following Wednesday’s earthquake in Taiwan are currently stuck in the Jinwen Tunnel located in northern Hualien County, as reported by Taiwan’s National Fire Agency (NFA).

Additionally, the NFA mentioned that 15 people are trapped in the Dachingshui Tunnel, also situated in northern Hualien County, while two German nationals are caught in another tunnel.

The Jinwen Tunnel, spanning 400 meters, is among the numerous tunnels lining the Suhua Highway, a perilous and narrow route stretching 118 kilometers (73 miles) along Taiwan’s eastern coastline. Renowned for its breathtaking views and challenging terrain, the highway connects Hualien with northern Taiwan.

Following the earthquake, the highway has been closed due to significant damage caused by landslides and falling rocks.

Another 15 people are reportedly trapped in the Dachingshui Tunnel, and two German nationals are trapped in a third tunnel.

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