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An Irish holidaymaker has drowned on the Algarve in front of his partner, five days after a British tourist died in the same Portuguese resort.

The 52-year-old got into difficulties at Inatel beach in the popular resort of Albufeira, next to the hotel complex that gives it its name.

The alarm was raised just before 1pm yesterday local time.

Two Portuguese locals jumped into the sea to try to help but also got into difficulties. They were rescued alive by lifeguards but the Irish tourist couldn’t be saved.

Police said his partner, who was on the beach, was being supported by psychologists after the traumatic experience.

The dead man has not been named.

Eduardo Luis Pousadas Godinho, the head of the local Maritime Police and Captain of the Port of Portimao near Albufeira, confirmed his age and nationality.

He said: “The man was in the water and got into difficulties with the waves and currents.

“Two Portuguese nationals at the beach jumped into the water to help but also got into difficulties.

“Two lifeguards from the adjacent beach which is called Fisherman’s Beach were able to reach the area fast and assist the three swimmers.

“The two Portuguese nationals were rescued alive but the third man was showing no sign of life when he was brought out of the water.

“The lifeguards performed CPR until firefighters and paramedics arrived and took over but they were unable to save him.

“Police psychologists established the victim’s partner was also on the beach and offered her expert support.”

He added: “The sea has been particularly rough. We’ve issued a warning to sailors precisely because we’ve been in the middle of a strong swell since yesterday.

“And the recent storms have left the sandy beaches very bare, creating swamps and rocky bottoms that can surprise bathers, which we are warning about.”

On Monday morning a 30-year-old Brit was found dead at the Orada Tourist Apartments near Albufeira Marina.

He is believed to have been out partying the night before. Police sources said he was found on the floor of his apartment by the toilet and there was a lot of vomit around him.

A man believed to be a British friend he was sharing the apartment with called the emergency services to report there was a problem but left before help arrived.

Local reports on the day said police believe he went to the airport to catch a flight home, knowing the dead man was having problems but not necessarily realising they would be fatal.

The results of an autopsy have not been made public but the death was being linked to a health problem by police and they are not believed to be treating it as a crime.

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