Biggest Microsoft update of the year could convince you to ditch Window 10 this month

Microsoft plans to release brand new Windows 11 PCs later this month with refreshes to its Surface line of computers that could tempt you to upgrade if you’re still on a Windows 10 machine. According to rumours, we will see the tech giant announce a Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 at an event on 21 March that won’t differ that much from the existing Surface Pro 9 and Surface Laptop 5 – devices that themselves were not huge upgrades on their predecessors.

Both Windows Central and The Verge reported on Microsoft’s upcoming event that will apparently concentrate on updates to these popular PCs for the business market – confusingly, it appears there will be updates to the devices again at a later date this spring, which will be geared towards consumers.

The Verge reports the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 will be launched on 21 March abd will “sport the latest Intel chips and a familiar design” but that Microsoft is saving one more impressive upgrade for the Surface Pro 10 for consumers later down the line by giving it an OLED display.

If you’re confused, don’t worry, so are we. Microsoft makes some excellent PC hardware but if these rumours are true, its way of announcing them is still baffling and messy. Basically, it looks like Microsoft will not change much of the design of its new Surfaces for its business customers in a first announcement, which it will then follow up with a second announcement aimed at normal consumers where it will change the design and features of the new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop.

The redesigned Surface Laptop 6 “will feature a more notable design update” that could include thinner bezels around the screen and rounded corners, while the Surface Pro 10 could get a superior ant-ireflective OLED display (as opposed to LCD) and a new improved webcam.

These consumer versions of the new Surface line are said to have chipsets from tech firm Arm instead of Intel, which is reportedly why Microsoft is able to make more design changes. Arm-powered devices can be more like smartphones, with components and hardware shrunk down considerably compared to older PCs.

Whether you think you might end up getting the new Surface PCs for business or personal use, all new models will get Microsoft’s upcoming update to its Windows 11 software at some stage. The US firm recently launched Copilot, its AI assistant, and Windows Central says it will also introduce something called AI Explorer that will keep a track of all your PC activity and allow you to interact with it using artificial intelligence. It’s not yet confirmed if Copilot, which has rolled out to some Windows 11 PCs, will ever come to Windows 10.

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