El Salvador’s civil war left unmarked graves countrywide. Ontario researchers are helping find them

A Western University project documenting dozens of massacres that took place during the Salvadoran civil war is allowing survivors to reconcile their country’s history and grieve lost loved ones.   CBC | World News

‘Probably can’t find Israel on a map’: Americans respond to antisemitism on colleges campuses

Americans were not surprised about antisemitic and pro-Palestinian rallies breaking out on college campuses across the county as the Israel-Hamas war intensifies. “I think they need to grow up and … Read More

Jury selection to begin in New Mexico after authorities find remains of a 3-year-old in underground tunnel

Jury selection is set to open Monday in federal court as members of an extended family face kidnapping and terrorism charges stemming from a raid of their squalid New Mexico … Read More

Mars once had a vast ‘northern ocean’ as scientists find evidence of ‘ancient shorelines’

Mars had an extensive “northern ocean” at some point in the past, a groundbreaking analysis of the Red Planet’s gravitational field has suggested. The work was undertaken by geophysicist Professor … Read More

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