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Does mysterious painting prove blue denim was around 200 years before Levi’s? | Fashion

The origin of the world’s most enduringly popular fabric is in ­dispute, as a new exhibition spotlights a claim that firmly links denim with 17th-­century Italy and takes its history back 200 years. Blue denim, that all-American ­symbol of informality and a life lived on the open range, is already also contentiously attributed to ­southern France, […]

‘Kardashian children are sharing skincare routines’: experts on gen Z’s ageing fixation | Young people

Younger generations are known for sharing their extensive skincare habits online. Generation Z, those born between the mid-1990s and early-2010s, and the cohort succeeding them, known as Generation Alpha, appear to be obsessed with trying to halt the ageing effects of time. Even children as young as 10 are putting pressure on their parents to […]

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