Small Business Saturday: I found my new favorite small skincare brand through TikTok, and it’s having a Black Friday sale

Stratia In honor of Small Business Saturday, CBS Essentials is sharing some of our favorite small brands. I found my new favorite small skincare brand, Stratia, one day while I … Read More

How fallout from top secret documents found at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort could affect Canada

The discovery of top secret documents at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort sparked a criminal investigation and has the former U.S. president facing the possibility of criminal charges. But it’s also … Read More

Tiny ‘bramble snout’ fossils found near Wales were ‘weird wonders’ that predated the dinosaurs

About 460 million years ago, bizarre soft-bodied creatures puttered through the depths of an ocean that covered what is now Wales. They propelled themselves with undulating, rounded flaps that waved … Read More

Scientists solved a 500-million-year-old mystery about strange Cambrian structures found in China

Over 500 million years ago, sea-dwelling invertebrates pioneered a new evolutionary experiment: skeletons. But while those durable, tubelike structures stood the test of time as fossils, the animals’ soft bodies … Read More

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