275 million new genetic variants found in US study explain why some are more prone to disease than others

A study that analyzed the genetic code of a quarter of a million U.S. volunteers found more than 275 million entirely new variants that may help explain why some groups … Read More

Russell Crowe found out a decade later he broke both of his legs while filming ‘Robin Hood’: ‘Just kept going’

Russell Crowe recalled breaking both of his legs while filming a scene for his 2010 movie “Robin Hood.” During a recent interview with People magazine, the 59-year-old actor revealed that … Read More

North Atlantic right whale found dead off Georgia coast marks second recent death of endangered species

The carcass of a critically endangered whale species was towed to shore on Thursday after it was found floating approximately 20 miles off the coast of Georgia, according to the … Read More

Florida couple arrested after children found living in ‘deplorable’ conditions: affidavit

A Florida couple was arrested last week after two young children were found to be living in “deplorable” conditions, according to an affidavit from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. Tawnya … Read More

Alzheimer’s disease found to be transmitted through medical procedures decades ago, study finds

Alzheimer’s disease has been considered something that happens from within, generally speaking — but for the first time, researchers have identified cases that were triggered by a specific medical treatment. … Read More

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