Amid Florida measles outbreak, surgeon general lets parents decide whether to send unvaccinated kids to school

Amid measles outbreaks in various parts of the U.S., the Florida surgeon general has issued some guidance to parents regarding kids’ school attendance. In a letter issued to parents on … Read More

Indiana parents warn nation after child is removed from home for improper pronoun usage: ‘Can happen anywhere’

A Catholic couple in Indiana is asking the Supreme Court to hold the state accountable for keeping their child out of their home after they declined to use his chosen … Read More

Almost 60% of parents still giving their adult kids money, while majority of adult kids live at home: survey

Young adults are increasingly living with their parents and relying on them for financial support, per a recent survey.  Pew Research found that more “young adults today live with their … Read More

Is the sleepover dead? Why more parents will allow only ‘sleepunders’ or ‘lateovers’ for their kids

Rather than allow young children to pack an overnight bag and spend the night at a friend’s home, there’s a new trend among some parents across the U.S. It’s called … Read More

Las Vegas special needs student returns home with swastika etched on back, parents file legal complaint

Months after a Jewish boy with special needs had a swastika carved into his back, allegedly by fellow students from his high school in Las Vegas, a nonprofit and attorneys … Read More

Christian parents complain after 11-year-old daughter forced to share bed with biological male on school trip

Christian parents from Colorado have complained to their eleven-year-old daughter’s school district after she was allegedly forced to share a bed with a biological male on an overnight trip, according … Read More

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