‘Inexpensive and easy’ way to avoid slugs causing ‘devastation’ in gardens – ‘traps them’

SLUGS are a lot of gardeners’ worst enemies, as these slippery creatures feast on any plants in their sights. Fortunately, gardening experts have shared “inexpensive and easy” ways to avoid … Read More

Woman has 32 tarantulas to ‘confront fear’ of spiders– ‘I have a healthy respect for them’

KEEPING tarantulas as pets was something Claire Jones thought she’d never do, before she met someone who told her it could help her overcome her fear of spiders. Interestingly, looking … Read More

‘Stops them in their tracks’: ‘Inexpensive’ ways to keep ‘destructive’ garden bugs at bay

GARDENING experts have shared “inexpensive and natural ways” to keep “destructive” pests at bay. They claimed that these methods will allow gardens to be “stress-free”. Daily Express :: Life and … Read More

‘Makes them white’: Mrs Hinch fans share ‘dishwasher’ method to remove stains from pillows

CLEANING enthusiasts often take to social media to share their best cleaning tips and hacks. Pillows with yellow stains are a common problem but cleaning lovers recommended an easy hack … Read More

Chocolates sold in Tesco, Aldi, Lidl & more recalled due to salmonella – ‘do not eat them’

CHOCOLATE manufacturer Ferrero is recalling more Kinder Surprise products due to the presence of salmonella. These items are sold in Tesco, Morrisons, Aldi, Lidl and Sainsbury’s. Daily Express :: Life … Read More

Houseplants: Using rusty nails is ‘vital’ to revive dying plants – ‘makes them healthy’

HOUSEPLANTS bring a multitude of benefits to a home if treated properly. However, each indoor plant has different needs, which means many may suffer. Gardening experts have shared a “vital’ … Read More

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