Bob Costas rips into Trump supporters, calling them a ‘toxic cult’ and ex-president a ‘loathsome’ ‘monster’

Former NBC Sports broadcaster Bob Costas unloaded on former President Trump during a recent TV appearance, calling him the “most disgraceful figure in modern presidential history.” The journalist appeared on … Read More

Florida sheriff’s office releases bodycam footage showing man shot dead by deputies charging them with knife

A Florida sheriff’s office released bodycam footage on Thursday showing a man – who was shot and killed by law enforcement last week – charging at deputies with a knife … Read More

Arkansas squatters stake claim on land, says it belongs to them since they are part of exclusive group: police

Squatters have staked their claim on land in Arkansas, claiming that they are part of a sovereign citizen group known to have engaged in violent confrontations with law enforcement. In … Read More

Rats and mice will invade your garden with simple mistake – ‘like an alarm bell’ to them

Natural fertilisers are a popular topic on social media, more specifically oats. exclusively spoke to a gardening expert to see if this kitchen ingredient is beneficial to garden plants. … Read More

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