‘Hurtful, Awful Things’: Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian Reflects On Her True Impact On Tennis And The Injustices She Endured

Serena Williams' impact on sports goes way beyond the tennis court. Besides her unmatched career and all the success she achieved throughout the years, she also paved the way for … Read More

Texas GOP House candidate Garcia: Democrat Cuellar ‘says the right things,’ but votes against border security

Texas Republican congressional candidate Cassy Garcia said Wednesday her opponent, incumbent Democrat Henry Cuellar, does not vote in support of securing the southern border, despite what he claims during media … Read More

Can’t find your keys? Putting things ‘where they shouldn’t be’ an early sign of dementia

MANY of the warning signs of dementia could easily be confused with normal changes as we age. For example, having memory problems is a common and well-known symptom. However, there … Read More

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