Surveillance balloons were flown over U.S. at least three times during Trump administration, White House says

Navy, Coast Guard recover spy balloon debris Navy and Coast Guard recover China spy balloon debris 02:26 Chinese surveillance balloons were flown over the U.S. on at least three occasions during … Read More

Pompeo calls out ‘deeply dangerous’ accusation Trump Pentagon didn’t notify WH of Chinese balloons

After the Biden administration reportedly said they would like to brief former Trump officials of three alleged prior Chinese spycraft flyovers of North America, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo … Read More

Trump files $50 million lawsuit against journalist Bob Woodward for publishing interview recordings

Former President Trump is suing veteran journalist Bob Woodward over copyright violations. Trump claims that Woodward, who interviewed the former president for his 2020 book, released audio recordings of their exchanges … Read More

Trump says public education taken over by ‘pink-haired communists,’ plans to give power back to parents

Former President Trump on Friday released a video blasting public education for being taken over by “radical left maniacs” and vowed to give power back to the parents. “Here is … Read More

DOJ tells senators they are ‘working’ to get them info on classified docs found at Biden, Trump homes

Lawmakers from both parties are frustrated that they have been kept in the dark regarding the contents of classified documents found both at President Biden’s home and that of former … Read More

Arizona Republicans pick former Trump aide Jeff DeWit to lead state party in landslide vote

Phoenix — Arizona Republicans on Saturday selected former state treasurer and Donald Trump aide Jeff DeWit to be the party’s next chairman, turning to a familiar face with relationships across … Read More

Trump joins Biden, Obama in condemning ‘horrible’ beating of Tyre Nichols: ‘Never should have happened’

Former President Donald Trump joined the chorus of those responding to graphic footage from the bodycams of five Memphis police officers who repeatedly beat 29-year-old Tyre Nichols. The footage was … Read More

MSNBC panel melts down over Facebook ‘devil’s bargain’ with Trump, warns it will end democracy

An MSNBC panel sounded the alarm after Meta reinstated former President Trump on Facebook and Instagram, claiming that the decision could cripple American democracy. During Thursday’s “Morning Joe,” Lincoln Project … Read More

Hillary Clinton went far beyond either Biden, Trump in mishandling of classified docs: Former DOJ official

Former deputy assistant attorney general John Yoo joined “Sunday Night in America with Trey Gowdy” to weigh in on both classified documents cases involving former President Trump and President Biden. … Read More

‘Bi-polar’ Biden DOJ has ‘very different treatment’ of Biden, Trump docs cases: Trump attorney

Trump attorney Jim Trusty claims the Biden Justice Department is “criminalizing something that’s not criminal” in former President Donald Trump’s classified documents case on “One Nation with Brian Kilmeade.” JIM … Read More

Biden’s FCC nominee Gigi Sohn shared tweet calling Trump a ‘raggedy white supremacist president’

President Biden’s pick for an open seat on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) once shared a tweet labeling former President Donald Trump a “raggedy white supremacist president.” In June 2020, … Read More

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