Melatonin warnings: Nearly half of parents give it to their kids to help them sleep, but experts urge caution

As a growing number of American parents are giving their kids melatonin to help them fall asleep, some experts are warning of potential risks. Nearly half (46%) of parents in … Read More

High blood pressure a concern worldwide, leading to death, stroke, heart attack: How to stop a ‘silent killer’

The World Health Organization (WHO) has just published its first report on the global impact of hypertension and how people can win the race against this “silent killer” that often … Read More

Northeastern University granted $17.5 million by CDC to become infectious disease detection, prep center

Northeastern University in Boston will be given $ 17.5 million by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to lead an innovation center focused on infectious disease detection and … Read More

Aspartame could cause memory and learning deficits in future generations, a new study suggests

The non-sugar, low-calorie sweetener aspartame — which is found in many sugar-free or “diet” foods and drinks — has been linked to potential problems with memory and learning, according to … Read More

‘Fourth wave’ of fentanyl overdose deaths has gripped the nation, experts say: ‘The norm, not the exception’

Experts say the U.S. is currently in a “fourth wave” of opioid overdose deaths, this one marked by a sharp increase in fentanyl — a synthetic opioid — being mixed … Read More

7 healthy lifestyle changes that could help reduce risk of depression, says study: ‘Enormous benefits’

Depression rates are higher than ever, with nearly 30% of U.S. adults reporting a diagnosis at some point in their lives. While many factors come into play, there are some … Read More

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