Canadian trailblazers Sarah Nurse, Saroya Tinker reflect on experiences of being Black women in hockey

Canadian hockey trailblazers Sarah Nurse and Saroya Tinker recently sat down with CBC Sports for a one-on-one conversation about what it means to be a Black woman in the sport, … Read More

Two women with heart disease had to fight for a diagnosis. Here’s how they advocated for their health

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S., yet experts agree the condition is often misdiagnosed in women. For American Heart Month, doctors and patients are speaking … Read More

Veteran female boxer rips ‘deadly’ USA boxing move allowing transgenders to fight women: ‘There’s just no way’

A female former competitive boxer is slamming one of the sport’s top governing bodies over a decision to allow biological males to fight against women in the ring, warning that … Read More

Female university professors blame sexism for removal of women college presidents

Sexism motivated the resignations of University of Pennsylvania president Elizabeth Magill and Harvard president Claudine Gay, several professors argued Sunday. The New York Times’ report “The Campus Wars Aren’t About … Read More

Taliban arresting women for ‘bad hijab’ as report says violence and detentions continue to rise

A new U.N. report has outlined how the Taliban in Afghanistan brutally enforces restrictions on women’s rights to work, education and freedom of movement. The report, published by the U.N. … Read More

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