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Julian Fellowes is the writer and creator of the Downton Abbey franchise and has previously said he’d be open to a third film.

Around the release of Downton Abbey: A New Era, he told the Daily Mail: “In this business, it’s very foolish not to give people what they want. I’ve said goodbye to these characters more times than I can number. Each time I think, ‘This is the end, goodbye’. Then I’m writing another series or movie.”

Certainly, there are a number of routes Downton Abbey 3 could take should he decide to pen another.

With the plot having moved on from 1912 when the series started to 1928 in the second movie, Fellowes continues to have a wealth of history to surround Downton Abbey in. There was the hardship of the Great Depression that could be explored, or perhaps more historical figures like King George V in the first film may be introduced.

The 1930s saw Winston Churchill in his wilderness years, so maybe he could end up visiting Downton. Then there was the year of the three Kings in 1936 to consider too. And let’s not forget the rise of Fascism in Western Europe and the Second World War looming in 1939; although perhaps we’ll have to wait for Downton Abbey 4 or 5 for that.

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