Christian Horner ‘not planning to demote’ Adrian Newey at Red Bull | F1 | Sport

Speculation continues to surround Red Bull as Horner’s accuser appeals the verdict made by their employer, who has since suspended them with pay while Horner continues in his role.

The Englishman has insisted that it is time to put the saga to bed. “Obviously there’s been an awful lot of coverage surrounding this,” Horner said in Saudi Arabia. “But we have to go back to the basis, the grievance was raised it was fully investigated and it was dismissed and from there we move onwards.

“An awful lot has been made out about this. It’s been of great interest in different elements of the media for different reasons. I think it’s time to draw a line under it. We are here to go racing. We are here as an F1 team and now to focus on what’s going on track and the drivers and performances of the cars – where the spotlight should be.”

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