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Re your letters on friendship (Letters, 19 March), 60 years ago, I popped in to a card shop and paid 1s 9d for a McTavish’s eternal birthday card. Inside was a list of numbers from one to 99. I ticked 18 and gave it to my pal Eddie. In October of that year, he ticked 19 and sent the card to me. Every year since then we have, without fail, delivered the card to each other.
Dr Roger Waterfall
Marlesford, Suffolk

I was surprised and disappointed to read Zoe Williams’ comment in her interview with Bridget Phillipson (‘I grew up at the margins’: Bridget Phillipson on teachers’ strikes, Ofsted, Brexit and Corbyn, 21 March) that she was “still weirdly well turned-out, for a Labour MP”. This is 2023! Have we really not moved on from judging women and their politics from the way they dress?
Elizabeth Brown
Corsham, Wiltshire

Bravo to women’s football. “At times we need to be nastier,” says Georgia Stanway, who has seven yellow cards so far this season (Report, 20 March). Good to see the women’s game so intent on emulating its male counterpart.
Rhys David
Redbourn, Hertfordshire

I don’t suppose Jonathan Jones could divulge where he bought his saveloy (‘You’ve never eaten a banana?!’ 10 writers face their fiercest – and strangest – food fears, 23 March)? Asking for a friend who is willing to travel.
Warren Brown
Ilkley, West Yorkshire

Re Adrian Chiles’ column on the secret to happiness(22 March), may I recommend the day after a hangover (not available to all)? Today, the birds are chirping merrily; yesterday, the little buggers wouldn’t shut up.
Linda Mockett
Wokingham, Berkshire

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