Homemade fly trap gets rid of pesky fruit flies by ‘keeping them stuck’

With the weather warming up, you may have noticed more pests coming into your home, particularly fruit flies.

Fruit flies may seem tiny and harmless but they can be very unhygienic and can be difficult to remove if you’ve got an infestation.

Chris Hutton, storage expert and owner of Adams Selfstore, has shared how to eradicate a fruit fly infestation.

Rather than opting for harsh or pungent chemicals, Chris suggested using common household items – apple cider vinegar and washing up liquid, and beer and wine.

How to use apple cider vinegar and washing up liquid to banish fruit flies

Chris explained: “You can make a homemade fruit-fly trap with apple cider vinegar and washing-up liquid, as the cider attracts the fruit flies, while the washing-up liquid keeps them stuck.

“All you need to do is mix about a shot glass full of apple cider vinegar with some washing-up liquid and place it in a container – anything with a narrow opening and a wide base is ideal.

“You can then add a funnel to the container, or leave it open, and simply watch the flies fall into it. Just remember to keep changing the liquid on a semi-regular basis.”

Apple cider vinegar can be bought from most local supermarkets or online for as little as £2.

How to use a beer or wine trap to banish fruit flies

If you don’t have apple cider vinegar or washing up liquid to hand, you could try using beer or wine to trap the pests.

Similar to apple cider vinegar, fruit flies are “attracted to the smell” of beer or wine.

To create this trap, fill a bowl or glass with beer or wine, cover the container with cling film, and seal the edges with a rubber band or tape. Then, poke tiny holes in the top.

Chris added: “The beer or wine will attract the fruit flies, and once they’re inside, they won’t be able to escape the cling film barrier.”

Other ways to deter fruit flies are to stop watering your plants and to introduce carnivorous plants.

Fruit flies and other common pests, such as gnats, thrive on the fungus of houseplants so if you stop watering your plants, the soil will dry out causing the fungus to die.

Carnivorous plants such as Venus flytraps are also a great natural way to get rid of fruit flies while adding aesthetic appeal.

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