Chef shares how to cook prefect creamy scrambled eggs in two minutes – needs 89p item

are one of the most popular things to have for breakfast – particularly those of the scrambled variety.

While they may seem like the easiest egg dish to , many seem to get it wrong resulting in bland, dry and rubbery outcome. 

To take your scrambled eggs to the next level, Chef Will Murray at Fallow Restaurant has taken to TikTok to share the “perfect recipe”.

This recipe includes one ingredient that is game-changing for scrambled eggs – and it’s only 89p from supermarkets.

In a short TikTok video, the chef explained: “Today we’re doing scrambled eggs like a chef.”

The first step is to start by cracking your eggs and giving them a whisk, Will demonstrated using four eggs. 

He noted that the eggs should still have some texture to them, so don’t over-whisk them.

Will then adds a “good amount” of butter to a hot frying pan. Once the butter turned a “beautiful golden brown” shade, he then poured in the eggs.

Will noted that the recipe is quick as it will only “take two minutes to cook”.

To perfect the recipe, he then placed the pan on and off the heat, and just before the eggs were fully cooked he took the pan off the heat again and added salt, pepper and of course the star ingredient – creme fraiche. 

Creme fraiche is inexpensive as you can buy it from Sainsbury’s for just 89p or at Tesco for the same price.

Will served the scrambled eggs with two small fried bread rolls and topped it off with chopped chives and a drizzling of sriracha.

People were impressed with his recipe, as one TikTok user said: “I tried this method and the eggs were unreal.”

Another said: “Wow. It looks incredible. I’ll have to try using creme fraiche too.” A third said: “Just made these eggs from this video and they are so nice omg.” even tried cooking eggs with creme fraiche and they came out perfect too.

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