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Wouldn’t it be lovely to live in a place where animals could live in total harmony with people and roam about freely.

Well that’s exactly what’s on offer in the stunning UK village of Belstone, in Dartmoor, Devon.

The story of the Dartmoor ponies is well known and the wild ponies are an integral part of the landscape, peacefully wandering around the National Park.

But it seems even more special to see them trot around the gorgeous village, with thatched cottages and a cute little pub to watch them from.

The official Belstone Parish Council website explains more about the village.

It says: “Nestling 1,000 feet up on the northern edge of Dartmoor, above the Skaigh Valley, where the river Taw tumbles over the rocks, lies a little haven of peace – Belstone.

“A village of only 250 inhabitants, this close and friendly community ranges in age from toddlers to those in their nineties.”

And the website explains that the roaming ponies, sheep and cattle made a fab photo opportunity for visitors.

It said: “As part of the National Park, cattle grids allow the sheep, cattle and ponies to roam safely within the village.

“The animals, along with the old stocks, are a great attraction for visitors and a good photographic opportunity.”

One TikToker was overwhelmed by what she found when visiting herself – and thousands of people have commented on the social media site to say they’re desperate to go.

Sarah Hagan said on her video – that’s now been watched 3.4m times – that she’d found a village where “wild ponies roam freely.”

She added: “They have been known to roam freely here for 3,500 years.”

The tiny village now has lots of people who want to make a beeline to experience its charms firsthand.

One TikTok user said: “New bucket list destination.”

“That’s my dream to live in such a village,” said another.

Another impressed TikTok user simply added: “Looks like heaven.”

Belstone Village pub The Tors hit the headlines last year when it went changed the name of a favourite British dish. The pub said it wanted to acknowledge “the amazing ladies who work the land” nearby and so ditched the traditional name for Ploughperson’s.

The dish, priced at £12.50, combines Devon blue cheese, Quickes mature cheddar, Coca-Cola ham, salad, pickled onions, jail ale chutney and sourdough.

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