Joy Drop: In celebration of Ramadan and all things colourful

Hello, friends! What an incredibly colourful week! And that’s where I begin this week’s Joy Drop.

I was looking through my social media when I saw Crayola Canada responded to PWHL superfan Debbie Harrison‘s request for a new purple colour.  My colleague wrote about Harrison and how she wears a new costume to every Toronto game she attends. 

Powerplay Plum will soon be in boxes and art kits all over Canada.  

I spent the past week in Spain at a conference with 17 sports scholars with the Wenner-Gren Foundation. It was really empowering and incredible to meet academics from all over the world who are dedicated to the analysis and examination of sports connected to anthropology. These are people whose expertise I teach or go to for context for issues in sport. 

Learning is something that excites me and the opportunity to enjoy a new place with brilliant minds is a recipe for joy. 

Another incredible recipe is from Chocolateria San Gines. This store opened in 1894 and is in the heart of Madrid. I stepped away from the walking tour we were on for a few moments in order to grab an order of churros with chocolate. I shared these delicious treats with the group and walked around the city. What is better than something deep fried and covered in chocolate? 

A woman carries a bag as she walks.
Shireen Ahmed with chocolate treats in Madrid. (Dr. Constancio Arnaldo)

The night before I left, I got a chance to attend a Champions League match with my dear friends, Drs. Amira Rose Davis and Adia Benton. We went to watch Atletico Madrid play Inter Milan FC at Metropolitano Stadium. 

It was the second leg of their series to advance to the quarterfinals of this year’s tournament. It was incredible to be woven into a crowd of more than 70,000 people. 

I have always dreamed of attending a Champions League event. And the timing was right. 

Speaking of amazing stadium events, this weekend two NWSL teams will make history. To mark opening weekend of the the new season, KC Current will play the Portland Thorns in new CPKC Stadium, built specifically for women’s soccer. The new home of the Current has gorgeous dressing rooms, full staff, and everything these players need and deserve. 

Lastly, another huge part of joy for me is the month of Ramadan. I was among friends but overseas when it began and I’m happy to be home now. My heart is always on people who are suffering and it’s very difficult to celebrate something when there is sadness and struggle in the world. .

That lends itself to leaning into community and highlighting the need for charity and other good works. Ramadan is not only about abstaining from food, it’s also about mentally and spiritually challenging yourself. 

Observing Muslims don’t eat from sunrise until sundown (except for those with medical or other exemptions) but it isn’t always joyful. Sometimes it’s not graceful and I get cranky. I get very hangry some days. But discipline and commitment are also two things that help a lot. And also taking that first sip of water or a bite of a date, after not having anything for more than 12 hours, reminds us how to be grateful and appreciate all we have. 

Hope you have a colourful and tasty weekend!

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