Rare Android deal offers the Google Pixel 7a at a ludicrously affordable price

The Google Pixel 7a is one of our favourite mid-range phones here on the tech team at Express.co.uk, and right now you can pick it up in the UK at a steep discount. Amazon is selling the phone for just £329, a huge £120 off its £449 RRP – and it’s even throwing in a free charger.

That’s perfect, because the Pixel 7a doesn’t come with a charger in the box, only a USB-C cable. It’s an annoying trend in phones these days that this deal gets around nicely.

So, why is the Pixel 7a such a good phone? First and foremost it has Google’s excellent cameras on the back able to shoot images of incredibly good quality. Even though there are more expensive Pixels out there like the Pixel 7 Pro or the newer Pixel 8 Pro, the Pixel 7a more than holds its own – that’s because Google uses software as much as the lens itself to produce well balanced images with tons of sharp detail.

The 7a also runs Android 14, the latest version of Google’s mobile software. On the Pixel the software is easy to use and free of any bloatware, so you just have the apps when you first set it up. The display on the 7a is also the first mid-range Pixel to have a high refresh rate – 90Hz – so your apps and texts will scroll by smoothly compared to older devices.

You also get loads of clever software tricks, a huge perk of having a Pixel. In the camera, Face Unblur does exactly what it says, unblurring people in images to rescue precious photo memories. Real Tone also accurately portrays people’s skin tones, not something every phone does well, while other on-device tricks can help you when travelling such as real-time translation.

Considering all of these features, the phone is already fairly well-priced at £449, so to get everything for £329 made us sit up and pay attention. The 7a will also get Android updates till 2026, taking it to Android 16 at least, and Google will keep it up to date with security patches until 2028.

Get the Google Pixel 7a from Amazon UK here

That means there’s plenty of life left in the Pixel 7a – a real steal at £329. It’s a phone we would happily have in our pocket.

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