Sainsbury’s delivery ‘disaster’ as ‘vast majority’ of orders cancelled

Sainsbury’s customers have been left in the lurch by the supermarket after it was struck by technical issues.

The grocery giant said it will not be able to send the “vast majority” of deliveries today, Saturday, March 16, as a result.

Shoppers have reached out to the supermarket on social media to report issues with their online orders.

A spokesperson for the retailer told ”Due to an error with an overnight software update, we are experiencing issues with contactless payments.

“All of our stores are open as usual today, accepting chip and pin and cash payments.

“Unfortunately, this also means we will not be able to deliver the vast majority of today’s Groceries Online orders and we are currently unable to contact customers directly but will contact them as soon as we can to rebook orders.

“We apologise to customers for the inconvenience and are working hard to fix the issue.”

Frustrated shoppers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the apology, with several claiming the statement is “not clear”.

One X user wrote: “Not very clear is it? Majority of orders or all orders, you will contact and rebook or do we have to? Am I going to fetch a partial refund of the delivery pass fee as I will have to shop elsewhere, are you going to refund the fee I will pay them? Bad service.”

Another chimed: “This announcement is pretty unclear. Are all orders cancelled or is it just some stores? I am going to go shopping so if it does arrive I will send it all back. We all know things can go wrong but the Information is unclear and frustrating.”

One shopper awaiting their home delivery branded the incident a “disaster”, writing: “Sainsbury’s in meltdown this morning as online deliveries are delayed and can’t get through on the phone either to let customers know. Normally they are very good so must be having a bit of an IT disaster.”

Speaking to a fellow Sainsbury’s customer, the X user explained that her absent delivery was due between 7.30am and 8.30am this morning.

She claimed that the supermarket had left a recorded message to inform customers that “they can’t fulfil most deliveries”.

It comes after fast-food giant McDonald’s was also hit by technical issues yesterday, leaving hungry customers unable to place orders.

The global food brand was hit by a worldwide outage after a “system failure”. Reports of problems with the McDonald’s app started coming in at about 5.30am (GMT), according to the website Downdetector.

Many were upset because they couldn’t get their McDonald’s breakfast.

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