Coco Gauff’s coach and Andy Roddick leak what Andy Murray is doing behind the scenes | Tennis | Sport

Detailing the lengths Murray went to in order to learn more about the effect of his equipment, Roddick continued: “He rented out a court and kept the shot spot live and active so that when he was using different rackets, it wasn’t based on feelings like Brad is talking about. It was based on an entire read-out, shot profile.

“He rented out a court with shot spot technology after he had lost in Cincinnati one year and then sends us all the read outs. I’m like, Bro I don’t know, your math is great, I have no idea. I would have to see how the ball is coming off or feel it, I don’t know what this is.”

It’s an approach that Murray has continued to take, as Gilbert divulged the details of a similar trial the 36-year-old recently undertook. “He was telling me at the LTA, he has a radar gun. He just play-tested every single racket and he says that all the different head rackets, he couldn’t get any more power on any different racket, any type, looser, tighter,” he said.

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