I tried a clever robot vacuum which also mops and it’s changed my life forever – review

Due to having two cats and lots of wood floors, vacuuming is a daily if not twice daily chore in my household.

Whilst it can be quite a satisfying chore, it takes up lots of time, not to mention remembering to charge it regularly and empty it.

I recently tested out Proscenic’s Floobot M9, which is designed to be an all-in-one cleaning solution, with the ability to sweep, mob and empty.

It promises to make its way around the home with ease too thanks to its smart LiDAR navigation and sensors.

The vacuum can recognise a room and draw up a customised map on the Proscenic app, allowing users to set up no-go zones, schedules and virtual walls.

This feature was particularly helpful, especially in cluttered areas where the vacuum may become stuck.

Once fully charged, the M9 cleans for up to 250 minutes, covering up to 2,690 square feet when on quiet mode, meaning it can easily clean a whole home.

If it doesn’t have sufficient battery to clean your entire home, it cleverly returns to the charging dock before resuming the cleaning season.

The charging station also comes equipped with a fully sealed 2.5-litre disposable dust bag, allowing users to store dust for up to 60 days without cleaning the dust bin.

The robot automatically disposes of dust when it finishes cleaning and returns to the station, a feature which is so handy.

Additionally, the UV light included in the cabinet also sterilises bacteria and allergens, ideal heading into allergy season and living with pets.

With lots of clever technology, I was super excited to see what the robot had to offer when cleaning my house.

The vacuum couldn’t have been easier to set up, made even easier with the app.

With a large kitchen which gets lots of traffic, the M9 was set on its first mission to see how it navigated the room. 

There weren’t many obstacles in the kitchen and the vacuum managed to navigate it smoothly, picking up loose debris and dust. 

I followed the vacuum out of the kitchen and into the hallway where it again effortlessly glided along the floor.

In the living room, it struggled a little bit due to having a thick rug but other than that it navigated the space well. It also managed to fit under a few units which rarely get vacuumed due to a lack of space.

When it had finished it sent itself back to the charging station and after a few seconds of loud noise it had emptied itself and began to charge.

I was super impressed with its first run around the home and continually tested for a few months to see whether I thought the £439 price tag was worth it.

What’s more, the cats are fascinated by the device, providing them with free entertainment throughout the day.

Users can also use the robot as a mop with three adjustable water flow levels. This feature was revolutionary and has cut down my chore time by hours.

The mop was super powerful and could tackle all sticky and stubborn stains. I created no-go zones when it came to mopping and it worked brilliantly, not going where I asked it not to.

The robot can also be connected through Amazon Alexa as well as Google Home so it can be controlled with your voice too.

Overall the robot helped immensely to keep on top of household chores with little to no effort at all.

I struggled to find any cons with the robot vacuum other than its hefty price tag, but it isn’t too dissimilar to cordless brands.

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