Petrol drivers demand EV owners face car tax fees as expert outlines plan – ‘only fair’

Petrol and diesel owners believe it’s “only fair” that electric vehicles should pay car tax fees like everyone else, according to a leading expert.

Silviya Barrett, Director of Policy and Campaigns at the Campaign for Better Transport, has called for the introduction of an EV tax charge to replace lost fuel duty revenue.

Fuel duty is set to take a major knock as more road users make the transition away from combustion vehicles to electric models.

She claims that a move to taxing EVs is therefore needed with many combustion owners agreeing.

The Government has previously pledged to maintain tax revenues throughout the transition but EV owners are still getting away with paying nothing.

Silviya added that many petrol and diesel owners have also noticed that EV owners are not paying fees despite customers tending to be people “on higher incomes”. 

Speaking to, Silviya explained: “We know that taxation of electric vehicles is something that the Treasury will need to look at if it is to make good on its statement that vehicle taxation will need to keep in line with what it is at the moment in terms of revenue.

“Our suggestion is to start with electric vehicles because that’s where the gap is.

“All electric vehicle drivers recognise they won’t be able to drive tax-free forever, Everyone expects that someone or later there will be taxation.

“Also petrol and diesel vehicle drivers say it’s only fair that we pay and other drivers pay. Especially as it tends to be people on higher incomes that will take up electric vehicles first.”

A new poll from the Campaign for Better Transport shows a whopping 65 percent of road users believe EV drivers should pay tax like all other drivers.

Just 18 percent said they were unconvinced by the argument that EV owners shouldn’t receive discounts. A further 56 percent said they understood tax revenues were falling because of the switch to EVs and that money has to come from somewhere to fund public services.

According to the RAC Foundation, fuel duty income is expected to dramatically fall ahead of the planned 2035 petrol and diesel car ban.

A median scenario suggests that by 2035, fuel duty income from all cars could have declined to around £7.1billion compared to 2019 figures, a staggering 57 percent decline.

Electric vehicles will pay Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) from April 2025 but nothing has been announced which would replace fuel duty paid at the pump.

Politicians have also recently called on the Government to take action with a new report from the House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee stressing change was needed.

The latest ‘EV strategy: rapid recharge needed’ report read: “We support the conclusions of the Transport Committee’s 2022 report that comprehensive reform of road taxation is needed, to start an honest conversation with the public and work towards a system that is seen as fair and enjoys public acceptance.”

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