Stunning new iPhone SE uncovered? Major redesign could finally be on the way

If you fancy a new iPhone but are holding off in case Apple releases something a little cheaper soon then you could be in luck. Rumours are circulating that Apple is preparing the release of a brand new iPhone SE, the latest in the tech giant’s cheaper range of smartphones to be sold alongside either the iPhone 15 or iPhone 16 depending on when it is launched.

The current iPhone SE came out in 2022 and costs £429, the cheapest iPhone Apple currently sells. Though it’s a capable 5G phone, its design is rather dated – it looks identical to the iPhone 8 from 2017, a phone from seven years ago.

Since then the iPhone has done some growing up, moving to use Face ID rather than a home button, a screen with very thin bezels, larger, better OLED screens and multiple rear cameras. The iPhone SE is stuck on all the old tech despite having faster performance nowadays.

That’s why the rumours of a redesigned iPhone SE are exciting. According to the folks at 91Mobiles, Apple is preparing a new iPhone SE fourth-generation that could look rather like the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14, complete with updated USB-C port:

Though reputable Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo has in recent months suggested plans for a new iPhone SE have been cancelled, these new renders spark hope there could be a fresh budget blower coming from Apple sooner rather than later. 9to5Mac also reported that the new SE could come with an OLED screen for the first time.

Apple released its first three iPhone SE models in 2016, 2020 and 2022, so it’s anyone’s guess as to when the next will see the light of day, though The Elec reports it will be in 2025.

The images from 91Mobiles use obtained CAD renders, files that claim to show the design for the new phone using computer software. They show a phone with identical dimensions to the iPhone 13 and 14, which would make the new iPhone SE the largest SE yet.

A hint to downgrades from the regular iPhone line up can be found in the single rear camera – true of every iPhone SE and of 2018’s iPhone XR. Rumours had previously existed that an SE would take the design of the XR, but these renders show the design is smaller, in line with the dimensions of the iPhone 14:

It might make sense for Apple to launch the new SE after it has released the iPhone 16, which will likely be in September 2024. Because Apple tends to sell the previous regular generation iPhone, it currently sells the iPhone 15 with its new design, and the iPhone 14. If the new iPhone SE will have a similar design to the 14, Apple could be waiting to discontinue the 14 and then sell the iPhone SE alongside a discounted iPhone 15 and the upcoming iPhone 16, potentially offering three different designs and specs and three distinct price points.

This points to the launch happening in 2024, but with nothing officially confirmed we’ll simply have to wait and see if Apple ever decides to refresh the popular iPhone SE range.

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