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Taylor Swift has been accused of “blocking” rival artists like Charli XCX and Bon Jovi to the No. 1 spot with her new UK releases this week.

Charli’s album Brat and Bon Jovi’s are currently second in the UK charts, despite the fact that just two days ago they were head-to-head in a race to the top.

That was until Taylor released yet another special edition of her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department, on Thursday while she took to the stage at Anfield Stadium in Liverpool.

The special editions feature acoustic and live recordings of the tracks as well as first-draft phone memos.

This has taken the total number of different Tortured Poets versions up to a staggering 34, and many are fed up with Taylor’s oversaturation.

Some have even accused the Midnights singer of strategically releasing the special UK editions this week to ensure she was still dominating the charts.

One X (formerly Twitter) user said: “This is the second time that woman tried to block other female artists in a month…

“It was fine if its organic but no she was purposely mass releasing different versions to do it just nasty.”

“This is a deliberate attempt to block brat,” another furious Charli fan claimed.

“Why is taylor swift threatened by charli xcx you annoying greedy b***h ily but you are on top of the world let charli have her moment her album is worlds better than yours.”

“Geolocking the albums so only people in the UK can purchase,” a third said.

“Which is a direct move to block BRAT and there’s literally no other reason she would do this.”

“The taylor swift chart blocking is just undeniably gross at this point…” another wrote.

“Like sure, you get to stay #1, but at what cost? You look so desperate and greedy in the process, i see viral tweets about it every 5 seconds. Literally making millions of people not like you.”

Taylor performed her second show in Liverpool on Friday. She has one more Anfield concert to go before she makes her way to Wales to perform in Cardiff on Tuesday.

She’ll then perform three shows back-to-back in Wembley from Friday, June 21.

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