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Daniel Ricciardo has been warned that this could be his last season in Formula One unless his results start to improve.

A result in his home Grand Prix this coming weekend could kickstart the Aussie’s campaign but ex-McLaren mechanic Marc Priestly has made a grim prediction over Ricciardo’s fate this year.

“Daniel Ricciardo, at the other end of his career [to Alex Albon], he’s getting a hurry up from Helmut Marko,” Priestly said on YouTube. “He’s getting the world starting to talk about him in terms of questioning him.

“Is he really what everyone thought he was? Is it the excitement we thought it was going to be when he came back into the sport?

“He’s not beating his teammate consistently enough and that is the very first step to becoming a legendary driver in Formula 1. You have to beat your teammate.

“He’s not doing that enough and I think for exactly the same reasons I just talked about with young drivers poking their heads up and saying, ‘Look at me’, Daniel Ricciardo has got time running out on his Formula 1 career.

“It’s a shame because I think he’s a great guy, a great character in the sport and has been a great driver but he seems to have made some poor decisions that have cost him dearly over the course of the last few years. And I wonder if we might be seeing the last of him in 2024.”

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