Huge Android upgrade coming to your phone will be announced by Google on this date

Google has finally revealed exactly when it will announce all the latest features it will push out to your Android smartphone later this year. The US tech company has confirmed its annual Google I/O event will take place on 14 May 2024, and you can expect to find out all about what’s new in Android 15.

It’s also possible that Google will unveil its latest Pixel smartphone, which is rumoured to be called the Google Pixel 8a. 2023’s event saw the excellent Pixel 7a announced, and the firm usually announces its A-series device at I/O in May following the release of the regular models at the tail end of the previous year.

Google usually debuts the new version of Android on its flagship Pixel phones, which we expect will be the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro in October. The tech giant shows off the new features early to allow developers – the makers of apps – to get to grips with what they need to change to make their apps work with the latest update.

Google fans can also expect updates to be shown for globally popular apps such as Gmail, Google Photos, YouTube, and Google Docs.

It’s also all but confirmed that Google will use this year’s I/O to bring us up to speed on its artificial intelligence (AI) efforts. Tech rivals such as Samsung and Microsoft have been forging ahead with their AI products in phones and on computers, and Google has its own AI called Gemini that could eventually replace Google Assistant.

When Google first showed off its AI chatbot it was called Bard, but that has now (in true Google fashion) been renamed to Gemini. AI chatbots were made famous by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which use what are known as large language models (LLMs) to answer queries but also create original text and images from user-generated prompts.

Though this AI tech is young, Google is in prime position to push Gemini to the public because it owns Android – so you might find out at I/O on 14 may when Gemini is coming to your smartphone.

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