Jurgen Klopp reporter speaks out after Liverpool boss’ angry interview | Football | Sport

Frederiksen confirmed that he has not been contacted by Liverpool over the situation but “they don’t need to call and explain it” as he understood why Klopp would not be in the best frame of mind to talk at that stage.

Many felt that Klopp had mocked Frederiksen’s weight during their conversation, but the reporter wanted to make clear that was not the case at all and the Liverpool boss was instead commenting on his job competence.

“No, no, no, that was not at all what he meant,” Frederiksen added. “First of all, I’m not overweight, and if I were, he would never ever say that. That’s not how Klopp is. It wasn’t meant like that at all. He’s not at all mean. He meant that I was unable and unfit to ask questions. There was nothing else.”

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