New DVLA updates could have a major impact on Brits travelling to Europe in 2024

Drivers travelling to Europe could be caught out by major DVLA changes coming into effect in just two weeks.

International Driving Permits (IDPs) will no longer be sold in the Post Office from April 1 under new changes.

Instead, the documents will be solely available at participating PayPoint stores in a simple change of lender.

The DVLA explained: “If they are travelling before April 1 2024 in a country that requires an IDP, motorists will need to visit a participating Post Office branch.

“If they are travelling on or after April 1 2024 then they will need to go to a participating PayPoint store.

“Further information on where those stores are located will be available on GOV.UK from April 1.”

IDPs are a legal requirement in over 140 countries across the world with some necessary in European countries.

Nations requiring an IDP include popular tourist destinations such as Turkey and Australia. Motorists heading to Mexico, Canada and the United States will also be required to carry one if they intend to drive.

Those travelling to countries which are members of the EU are unlikely to require an IDP if road users are carrying a photocard driving licence issued by the UK.

However, motorists may need the tool if they carry either a paper driving licence or have a licence issued in Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey or the Isle of Man.

Furthermore, some EU countries will require an IDP if UK citizens intend to remain in the country for a prolonged period of time.

This is usually set at six months but can be extended to 12 in certain countries such as Malta.

Motorists travelling abroad can check if they need an IDP for the country they are visiting by heading online to GOV.UK.

Despite losing IDPs, motorists can still rely on The Post Office for a bunch of DVLA services under a new contract extension.

It offers a lifeline to motorists without access to the DVLA’s online services which have grown in demand in recent years.

Customers can still tax their vehicle or renew a driving licence under the terms of the new Post Office deal.

The contract will run for one year with the option for a potential further two one-year extensions.

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