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Schools are giving the go ahead for youngsters to change gender without advising their parents under Welsh Labour, it was reported last night.

The situation has led to mothers and fathers to speak out over the situation when pupils start to question their gender in schools.

It has led to the Welsh Government to pledge to publish draft guidance for schools in the spring to advise them on how to deal with youngsters who start to question their gender.

But Merched Cymru, a grassroots group of women based in Wales, told the Telegraph that child safety was being placed at risk.

All 68 schools in Wales revealed in freedom of information requests put forward by the group they would enable the gender transition of a pupil.

But only 28% of the schools said they would tell parents.

A total of 38% said they would not tell parents automatically and a further 29% said they would only inform parents with a child’s permission.

A Welsh government spokesman said: “We agree this is an area that needs national guidance. That is why we are developing guidance for schools in Wales so that staff can ensure all young people are fully included in education and have a positive experience at school.

“We will be holding a full public consultation on our draft trans guidance over the coming months.”

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