How to keep peace lilies blooming all the time with one kitchen scrap item

are one of the most common to own with their elegant form and very light fragrance.

Known for their glossy leaves and delicate white , peace lilies are a popular pick for new plant owners – and it’s easy to see why.

They’re easy-going and will happily live just about anywhere. Now, there are a few things every peace lily owner should know to keep their plant blooming. 

Unsure what this involves, Pamela Rogers took to the Hints and Tips Facebook page to ask for some advice.

She wrote: “Hi everyone, does anyone know how to get my peace lily to flower? 

“It had lots of flowers when it was given to me about six months ago. They gradually died off and it hasn’t flowered since. Grateful for any help.”

The majority of group members suggested just keeping the plant watered, fed and kept in a large enough pot.

However, one user claimed that they’ve seen quick blooming growth when adding a certain kitchen item to the water that would otherwise end up in the bin or .

Renee Hyland said: “Mines in bloom all the time. I feed it banana skin water weekly and I have flowers most of the year.”

Even houseplant experts at Lively Root recommend this tip. When asked about banana water for peace lilies, they wrote on their website: “Yes, flowering plants like peace lilies like banana water. This is because it’s rich in potassium, which helps the plant’s well-being.”

Banana water is similar to compost tea but it comes only from one source – cut-up banana peels. 

The most common way to make banana water is to start by cutting up banana peels into one or two inch pieces.

Add the peels to a bowl of water and leave them to steep for two to three days.

After soaking, strain the liquid into a watering can or jar and add the strained liquid to your peace lily, pouring it around the outer base of the plant to reach the roots.

It’s not just peace lilies that benefit from banana peel water, hydrangeas, orchids and roses also get a boost from it.

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