Moment Ukraine obliterates Russian armour as Moscow’s troops abandon battle | World | News

The Ukrainian Defence Ministry said on X: “An abandoned Russian BMP-2 IFV was exploded by a Ukrainian FPV drone. It’s worth seeing.”

While Kyiv’s forces have been able to strike blows to the Russian forces, President Volodymyr Zelensky has been demanding more ammunition and weapons from the West.

Many fear that Ukraine could be left helpless the longer they are left without substantial support.

This week, US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin warned that “Ukraine’s survival” is in danger as Republicans in Washington DC block military aid for the country.

Austin said: “The United States will not let Ukraine fail…This coalition will not let Ukraine fail.

He added that “Ukraine’s survival is in danger” and that he leaves the meeting “fully determined to keep US security assistance and ammunition flowing.

“That’s a matter of survival and sovereignty for Ukraine, and it’s a matter of honor and security for America.”

Just last month, Ukrainian troops withdrew from the eastern city of Avdiivka, where outnumbered defenders had held off a Russian assault for four months.

Troops complained of running low on ammunition while facing a constant barrage of airstrikes from glide bombs, enormous unguided Soviet-era weapons, retrofitted with a navigational targeting system, that obliterate everything around them, as well as motion-sensing explosive drones that could enter buildings and hunt personnel.

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