Jamie Oliver’s cooking tip for a ‘perfect silky omelette’ takes seconds

Eggs are one of the most versatile ingredients and are generally easy to cook in a hurry.

That said, omelettes are notoriously difficult to master due to their delicate texture which can change in a second.

While many people long for a custard-like, creamy consistency, it’s impossible to get right without one simple cooking tip.

British chef has the “ultimate” recipe for beginners which uses a clever technique.

As shared on the tutorial platform, Yes Chef, Jamie’s method promises to deliver a “perfect silky” omelette.


Start by slicing the sourdough and toasting it, then finely chop the chives or pick, if using the flowering kind.

Next, deseed and roughly chop any larger tomatoes, then randomly chop the smaller ones (there’s no need to remove the seeds).

Drizzle the tomatoes with one teaspoon of olive oil and gently toss in a bowl with a pinch of sea salt to coat.

Place the toast on a plate and drizzle with another teaspoon of olive oil, then set aside for later when the omelette is cooked.

Take a 30cm non-stick frying pan and place it on the stove over medium-high heat, then add a glug of oil and wipe it around the pan with a ball of kitchen paper.

Crack the three eggs into a jug and whisk slightly, but don’t overwork the mixture. Then pour in the eggs, swirling them around the pan and up the sides to cover the base.

Working quickly, sprinkle over the cheese, half the chives and the ham from a height, then turn the heat off and gently use a rubber spatula to ease it away from the edges.

The next stage is crucial for perfect results, so it’s important to be swift. Jamie said: “Quickly roll it [the omelette] up a few times – you want to create layers, so how you roll and whether it tears doesn’t matter; just don’t overcook it.”

Turn the omelette onto the toast, then top with the chopped tomatoes and sprinkle over the remaining chives before digging in.

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