‘Crazy woman’ threatens to call police on new neighbours after stealing their drive

A “crazy woman” has threatened to call the police on her new neighbours after she blocked their driveway with her own vehicle.

A young couple were left stunned when they noticed another car parked on their drive as they pulled up to their new property.

Seconds later, they were greeted by a frustrated blonde lady who branded them “very rude” and “nightmare neighbours” after they refused to let the lady use their drive to store her car.

The blonde lady told the new neighbours they “couldn’t park” at their own property because of an agreement with the previous owners.

However, the woman refused to budge as the nasty disagreement was reconstructed on camera based on a real event.

The lady reportedly said: “Look you can’t park here okay? I’ve had an agreement. I’ve had an agreement for years.

“Bill and Jenny said I can always park here, I’ve got teenagers. I don’t have a driveway. It ain’t my problem you bought this house.”

The new owner then called the lady a “stupid cow” and quickly tried to defend their position. The man behind the wheel said: “We just pulled up here. You come up to us like a crazy woman. Like, are you taking the piss?

“We just bought the house and on the deeds we’ve got a parking space at the front of our house.”

The lady then interjected that she wasn’t moving the vehicle and claimed she could still dig out the agreement with the previous owner.

The woman then claimed she had called her friend as backup and dubbed the couple as “dodgy neighbours”.

The couple reportedly said they would move the car themselves and even threatened to “slash her tyres” if her vehicle was not moved. 

The video was shared on ‘The Tradesman’ Facebook page where it quickly went viral with dozens throwing their support behind the young couple.

One social media user said: “I’d park right up behind her so she can’t get out.”

Another explained: “She completely off her rocker straight loon. Good luck to the young couple moving in they are certainly going to need it.”

The law states that motorists parking on another individual’s driveway could be considered trespassing. However, because trespass is a civil case police officers may not always get involved in a major blow to homeowners.

According to Bollard Security, council officials will also struggle to remove a vehicle without taking further action.

It means homeowners would have to pursue a civil case or a legal claim for nuisance behaviour and get a court order in their favour.

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