Tories fall to same poll rating as day Liz Truss quit, with Reform just 4% shy | Politics | News

The Tories are on course to win just 36 seats at the General Election, with Labour bracing for a 398 majority, according to a new poll from respected company YouGov this morning.

YouGov has found that, for the first time since the day Liz Truss resigned as Prime Minister, the Conservatives’ support has fallen below 20%.

Just 19% of voters plan on backing Rishi Sunak at the election, despite Tory MPs rallying behind the PM at last night’s 1922 Committee meeting.

Unlike the October 2022 poll when YouGov last found the Tories on just 19% support, Labour sits at 44% compared to their monstrous 56% lead during Ms Truss’ downfall.

Reform, who were less of a political presence a year and a half ago, have instead benefited from the slump in support for Mr Sunak.

Richard Tice’s insurgent right-wing party is now just four points behind the Conservatives, winning over 15% of voters.

Reform UK sees a comfortable lead over the LibDems on 9%, and the Green Party on 8%.

Reacting to the shocking poll this morning, Reform UK’s new MP Lee Anderson said: “The gap is closing”.

In a swipe at Rishi Sunak he quipped: “At least one plan is working”.

Nigel Farage warned that the 4 point gap between his party and the Tories proves: “This insurgency is far bigger than UKIP”.

Lord Frost has now warned that while his party’s leadership “may or may not have a plan”, what is clear is that “the current strategy is not working and that the situation is getting worse not better”.

In a separate poll last night, ITV revealed that immigration is the most significant reasons that 2019 Conservative voters in the Red Wall will not vote for the party again.

When asked how the Tories have performed since 2019, 54% told pollster Redfield Wilton that the Government has performed worse than expected.

55% said that the Conservatives took their 2019 vote for granted.

Asked what their reason is for saying they won’t vote Conservative again, 45% said immigration is a “significant reason”, compared to 41% saying the NHS, 32% for the economy and 31% for taxation.

Last night Mr Sunak suffered another blow as the Express revealed a pro-Boris Johnson MP had furiously slammed his colleagues who brought down their 2019 election victor but now beg for unity.

Sir James Duddridge warned his colleagues’ WhatsApp chat: “Once we failed to back Boris we were f***ed. You reap what you sow”, before storming out of the group.

The revelation came as loyal Tory MPs put on a show of unity at the 1922 committee, where Mr Sunak took aim at the minority of Tory rebels who he said were “harming every one of us”.

He said that a “small number” of Tories are making him “angry”, warning: “They aren’t just harming me, they are harming every one of us in this room”.

Tory MPs slammed the small number of rebels by calling on them to “shut up” and warning they “harm us all”.

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