Gardener’s two-ingredient ‘recipe’ deters slugs from eating plants using 25p Asda item

There’s nothing worse than stepping outside in the morning to find that most of your plants have been eaten overnight by slugs.

Rather than resorting to chemicals, gardeners can deter slugs naturally by using cupboard staples.

Mrs Hinch fan and gardening enthusiast Jean Quinn suggested using a concoction of water and garlic to create a “garlic wash”.

Garlic can be bought from most local supermarkets. A pack of three bulbs can be bought from Asda for as little as 75p which works out at 25p per bulb.

Cooks’ Ingredients Garlic costs £1 for three bulbs from Waitrose & Partners which works out at 33p per bulb.

Jean posted on the Facebook group, ‘Mrs Hinch Gardening Tips’: “March to April the slugs are already causing damage to plants in our gardens.”

She added: “One can regularly spray plants with a garlic wash. Garlic wash recipe: Two garlic bulbs, two litres of water, a large saucepan, sieve, a potato masher or a fork, a clean 2L bottle, a spray bottle for plants, a tablespoon or dessertspoon, a label, a pen [and] a large bucket.

“Boil two full garlic bulbs with 2L of water in the large saucepan. Simmer until the garlic is soft, mash the bulbs in the liquid [and] sieve the garlic to remove the skins. When the liquid has cooled pour it into a large 2L container, label the bottle clearly as it will resemble fruit juice.

“Use two tablespoons of the garlic wash to 5L of water. If preferred a smaller quantity can be used. One tablespoon garlic wash to 2.5L of water. One and a half dessertspoon to 1.25L of water.

“Plants will need spraying again after rainfall. You’ll need to open the windows in your home whilst boiling the garlic because it gives off a strong odour. Please note garlic is toxic if consumed in volume by cats or dogs and this also applies to any other member of the allium family.”

Jean’s post was inundated with grateful responses from fellow gardening enthusiasts who were also struggling with slugs.

Eleanor Keyes said: “Thank you… I’ve saved this as I have a huge slug problem.”

Nicki Riches responded: “Thank you Jean – very helpful as usual.”

Lynda Hill commented: “They really are horrible little slimy pests.”

Garlic bulbs contain allicin which gives it its distinctive odour. The defence compound can repel and kill slugs and snails.

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