Own this Fire TV Stick and you’ll get Sky-style upgrade for a low price

Amazon’s big Spring Sale Event is now underway with hundreds of products slashed in price including all of the very latest Fire TV Sticks which now start from as little as £24.99. However, if you are perfectly happy with your current streaming dongle there’s still a deal worth checking out. Amazon has also cut the price of its Fire TV Voice Remote Pro to the lowest we’ve seen this year.

It means you can now pop this more premium channel changer in your shopping basket for just £24.99 instead of the usual £34.99 – that’s a saving of almost 30 percent.

So what’s so good about this accessory?

Well, it brings a number of Sky-style features to your Fire TV Stick including the incredibly useful in-built alarm. This belts out a loud sound should it have slipped down the side of the sofa and you can’t find it. Sky has long offered this function on devices such as Sky Q and Sky Glass and it certainly solves the nightmare of lost remotes.

Just shout “Alexa, find my remote” and you should be able to track it down in a flash.

“Spend less time searching, more time watching. Just say, “Alexa, find my remote” to any Amazon device with Alexa, an Alexa built-in device, the Alexa app, Fire TV app or use the Remote Finder button within the Fire TV app,” explained Amazon. “A built-in speaker will emit a ring to lead you right to it.”


Another function that Sky recently introduced is backlit keys which glow up when the sun goes down. Unlike standard Fire TV remotes which have plain buttons, the Pro remote illuminates like a Christmas tree making it easier to find the volume buttons or launch Netflix.

Along with those bonus features, the Alexa Voice Remote Pro gets two customisable buttons allowing you to create your own shortcuts to favourite channels, apps or any of the numerous Alexa commands.

A dedicated headphone button also gives you quick access to your on-screen Bluetooth menu where you can pair or unpair your favourite audio device. Like all Fire TV remotes there are quick buttons to launch favourite streaming apps such as Netflix and there’s a dedicated Alexa button to summon the useful assistant.

If you own one of the Fire TV Sticks listed below, the Voice Remote Pro will be compatible.

• Fire TV Cube (3rd Generation)

• Fire TV Cube (2nd Generation)

• Fire TV Stick 4K Max (2nd Generation)

• Fire TV Stick 4K Max (1st Generation)

• Fire TV Stick 4K (2nd Generation)

• Fire TV Stick 4K (1st Generation)

• Fire TV Stick (3rd Generation)

• Fire TV Stick (2nd Generation)

• Fire TV Stick Lite

• Fire TV (3rd Generation, Pendant Design)

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