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A Brit living in has been ridiculed for comparing the state of the to the healthcare he has received in Sydney.

A British man posting on via The Unfamiliar Route account highlighted the differences between booking an appointment in his native UK and Australia.

He explained the difference between the two experiences was “night and day”, having been able to get a same-day afternoon appointment after ringing at lunchtime.

He added that the experience was quick and easy, while he had to wait “weeks” for an appointment back at home.

But he was roundly ridiculed by Britons in the comments, and some Australians pointed out the flaws with their own system.

He said in the video: “So I’ve just been, my doctor’s appointment cost me $AUD80 (£41.39), that’s a standard consultation charge, and I’ll get some of that funded through medicare.

“Compared to the UK – the last time I tried to book an appointment in the UK, I couldn’t book one. There wasn’t one for 30 days. And what the receptionist said to me…she said ‘what you’re going to have to do is ring up every single morning and see if anyone has cancelled.'”

He concluded with some harsh words for the NHS, saying: “The public funded hospital system in the UK for 60 million people does not work.”

While he said Australia “is not perfect”, he added the healthcare system is “screwed back home”.

But other TikTok users from both the UK and Australia took him to task in the comments, both defending the NHS and criticising the system Down Under.

One commenter said: “The difference is – NHS is free. You can get a private 49quid appointment in the UK on the same day, too.”

Another added: “$80 is quite a lot for people who don’t earn that much.”

Others said they got NHS GP appointments on the same day in the UK “no problem”, while some criticised the Australian system.

One said: “It’s all good here in Aus until you have a serious health issue or need serious surgery.”

Another said: “Not like that in all rural towns. No appointments available for three or four weeks.”

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