Moscow terror attack LIVE: Explosion and shooting leave at least 40 dead and 100 injured | World | News

At least 40 people are dead and 100 are injured after a massive terrorist attack at a Moscow music venue left the building in flames. Video on social media shows the roof of the Crocus City Hall engulfed in flames after “camouflaged” gunmen unleashed a rampage before a performance.

Russian state media reports that the attackers used explosives to start a large fire that has now taken over the entire building. Videos show panicked crowds pushing past one another as they flee the horrific scene.

Earlier this month, the US embassy warned its citizens in Moscow that it was monitoring reports that “extremists” had plans to attack concerts and other large gatherings. Russia’s state RIA Novosti news agency reported that at least three people in combat fatigues fired weapons. The state Tass news agency also reported the shooting.

Extended rounds of gunfire could be heard on multiple videos posted by Russian media and Telegram channels. One showed two men with rifles moving through the mall. Another one showed a man inside the auditorium, saying the assailants set it on fire, with incessant gunshots ringing out in the background.

Andrei Vorobyov, the governor of the Moscow region, said he was heading to the area and had set up a task force to deal with the damage. He did not immediately offer any further details. Russian media reported said that riot police units were being sent to the area as people were being evacuated.


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