How to clean an air fryer in 15 minutes without scrubbing – use cleaner’s 5p item

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Owners of an air fryer will be familiar with the basket that quickly piles on grime.

If you don’t keep on top of it, air fryers can become thick with grease and stubborn burnt-on food . They’re often fiddly to clean as well.

In a bid to help others clean their air fryer easily, specifically the basket component, the woman behind the cleaning page @everything_tidy has shared a quick tip.

The cleaner demonstrated how to clean an air fryer basket with nothing but boiling water and a dishwasher tablet.

She captioned the video: “I literally use this method to clean anything that is burnt-on.”

The cleaner starts by showing the camera her air fryer which is heavily covered in grease and burnt bits of food.

She then adds one dishwasher tablet to the basket and pours in boiling water – just enough to cover halfway up the basket.

The cleaner recommends leaving this to sit for 15 minutes or longer if you feel it needs it.

Once the time was up, she then emptied the basket and gave it a rinse before drying it off.

The air fryer basket came out completely clean with no grime left on – and there was no scrubbing involved at all.

Taking to the comments section, fans were obsessed with this dishwasher tablet tip. @theonlywayis_pink said: ’This works so well!” @the_hewicks_homes wrote: Dishwasher tablets work so well.” 

@themiddleagedblogger replied: “I recommended using the dishwasher pods to my son for his [air fryer].”@journy_continued said: “Tried this today and it worked like a charm.”

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