What to do if peace lily flowers are turning brown

If your peace lily’s are turning brown, you may think there’s something you’re doing wrong.

Facing the same problem, a peace lily lover shared that the flowers on their peace lilies were browning.

Taking to Reddit they wrote: “My peace lily flowers have started to turn brown and I’m not sure why? The other leaves and flowers seems healthy and I’m careful to only water it once a week (which I was told was the correct amount to water it) so not sure why this is happening… Any advice is greatly appreciated.”

Several people said that this is the normal cycle for a peace lily flower.

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“It’s normal for the flowers to die off. Just cut them off as close to the base as you can once they get to this point,” one person wrote.

Another person said: “I think it’s the natural life cycle of the flower. When mine are done I cut them back. I’ve had my peace lily since 2016 and it still flowers. It is super root hound and getting repotted today.”

A third said: “The white flowers they die you’re doing nothing wrong”

Someone else gave some key advice when they wrote: “Watering weekly may be too much or not enough, you shouldn’t follow a schedule.

“Wait for the plant to start looking droopy a few times before watering.

“Then you’ll know how long to wait between waterings generally (frequency will vary depending on season), and you can water just before you expect that to happen.”

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