Gardening expert shares two ‘simple’ steps to follow for a ‘thick’ lawn

Timothy Green, a lawn care expert at has shared his “simple solutions” for thickening up your lawn ready for the season ahead.

The lawn expert said a “thick and thriving” lawn can be achieved using grass seed and lawn food.

How to thicken up your lawn

1. Overseeding lawns

Mr Green said overseeing lawns is an “effective way” to thicken up your lawn’s coverage and make it look more “even and healthy”.

However, to overseed, gardeners will need to first remove weeds and moss and level off their soil.

How to overseed lawns:

  1. Remove weeds or moss. This can be done using a weedkiller or a feed, weed and mosskiller product.
  2. Mow and scarify the lawn.
  3. Sow your seed.
  4. Firm in the seed and water it
  5. Use deterrents to keep birds away.

2. Choosing the correct lawn seed

Gardeners need to make sure they are choosing the correct lawn seed for their lawns.

Mr Green said: “If you struggle with shade, clay or heavy wear and tear, you will need a lawn seed that is specific to that problem.

“If you want an ornamental lawn, or an everyday lawn that will withstand your springtime garden activities, you can find a seed that is suited to that too.

“Choosing the right seed might take longer at the start of your lawn process, but it will pay off in the long run.”

3. Feeding the lawn

Lawns need a helping hand in order to survive and thrive which is why regularly using lawn feed is key.

The lawn care expert said using lawn feed will keep lawns “thick and thriving”.

Gardeners will need to make sure they choose a lawn feed that is suitable for their grass.

Choosing a lawn feed will depend on the lawn’s condition, the time of year and what it needs.

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