‘Australian Penguin’ biscuit finally launches in UK – fans excited for challenge

Tim Tam is suggesting to dunk the chewy caramel into a cup of tea making it turn all gooey. Let’s not forget it can be used as a cheesecake base too.

That’s not all that you can do with the chocolate biscuit as there is something called the Tim Tam Slam.

Something of an Australian tradition all you do is bite off the diagonal ends from the biscuit, dunk it into a hot drink of choice (it doesn’t have to be tea, it can be a hot chocolate or coffee too), let it soak for a couple of seconds and then use the Tim Tam as a straw to drink up the hot liquid.

The biscuit will absorb the liquid so it becomes slightly soft and make the chocolate go all gooey. Apparently, it adds another indulgent level to enjoying the biscuit and we can see why.

Reacting to the news on Facebook, one user wrote: “”Exciting news! Tim Tams are great. My parents would bring them back with them when they visited friends in Australia.

“So many flavours out there, it’s unreal. The salted caramel ones are divine.”

A second said: “I found some in Waitrose.”

Another commented: “”We can do the Tim Tam challenge.”

A fourth said: “About bloody time.”

Another simply wrote: “Yaaaay!”

A user said: “”This is very exciting!”

And finally one added: “”Get ready ladies!”

Will you be giving them a try?

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