Young drivers charged nearly £3,000 for car insurance in popular area

The insurance price comparison site has shared the most expensive parts of the UK for young motorists to insure their car.

Whilst the average cost of car insurance is rising for almost all road users, motorists aged between 18 and 24 are facing the most expensive prices for covering their car.

Greg Wilson, CEO of, highlighted that younger motorists are typically charged more for insurance as they have less experience behind the wheel.

He explained: “Young drivers normally have to pay more for their premiums as they have less experience – something insurance providers use to base their risk analysis on and determine costs. However, in recent years, insurance costs have soared, leaving drivers considering if they can afford to drive at all.

“With cover for under 25-year-olds now approaching or exceeding £2,000 annually across the majority of UK regions, many young people are struggling to get behind the wheel, having to rely on strike-prone public transport, after investing over £3,000 on learning to drive and passing their tests.”

According to’s study, the UK’s most expensive region for young drivers to insure their car during January 2024 was London, where motorists aged between 18 to 24 typically paid £2,811.38 per year.

Typically, the cost of living is slightly higher in London, with higher labour fees helping to drive up the price of insurance.

Young motorists in the West Midlands and Yorkshire also paid a considerable amount to cover their car, with drivers charged an average of over £2,300.

Whilst 18 to 24 year olds are typically charged well over £1,000 across the UK, the cheapest place for car insurance during January 2024 was Northern Ireland, where motorists were typically charged £1,359.12.

Car owners in the region paid an average of around £350 less than those in the South West, the second-cheapest part of the UK.

Typically, motoring costs are generally slightly lower in Northern Ireland, with the AA highlighting the region also had the cheapest average petrol and diesel prices in the UK during February 2024.

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