Zara and Mike Tindall ‘glue of the Royal Family’ and will be rallying round Princess Kate | Royal | News

and will be on hand to hold the together as has revealed she will be undergoing “preventative chemotherapy” for her cancer.

In her video message Kate explained that she wanted to break the news to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis in a way that is “appropriate for them” before sharing her diagnosis with the world.

The Tindalls also have three young children – Mia, Lena and Lucas – who are a similar age and will hopefully be a support to their young cousins at this time.

A source told The Times: “The Tindalls are very much the glue of their generation of royals and bring the fun to a family gathering, no matter how serious the occasion. They can help take the family’s mind off the gravity of what is going on.

“While some family members can be very ‘royal’, Mike is just himself and is relaxed and playful with George, Charlotte and Louis.

Mike and Zara first met in Australia in 2003 and married in 2011, the same year Kate and William did, with the Tindall ceremony taking place in Edinburgh on July 30.

Despite being together for over two decades and having three children, the Tindalls are known for their public displays of affection and always appear to be besotted with each other.

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Live Casino, body language analyst Darren Stanton said: “Zara and Mike are an incredibly tight couple. They are probably the most tactile and more visually affectionate than any other couple in the Royal Family.”

Mike is generally always smiling, especially when he’s with Zara. I’ve not seen a miserable picture of them together. The pair come across as very authentic in their matching and mirroring of body language and eye contact.

“Smiles are usually a good indicator to whether a person is feeling genuinely happy. Sometimes in life you have to pose for photographs when you don’t want to, but these two are always in a happy state. It never appears to me that they’re putting on a front.

“They’re also pretty inseparable – when they’re not together, they’re always looking out for each other. Overall, Zara and Mike appeared stronger than ever. It’s clear they have a great rapport and a very strong, loving marriage.”

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