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Kate Abdo’s partner Malik Scott has issued a stern warning to Jamie Carragher after he jokingly questioned her loyalty on air. On Tuesday, the former pro-boxer threatened to “show up in a physical manner” if the Liverpool legend makes another backhanded comment about the CBS Sports anchor.

Following Arsenal’s thrilling 1-0 victory over Porto in the Champions League, Carragher made a crude wisecrack that didn’t land. While donning a Gunners shirt during the live coverage, the 46-year-old proposed that Abdo wear the jersey next.

Abdo swiftly declined the offer, citing her fan allegiance to Manchester United. But Carragher cast doubt on her devotion and relationship with Scott, insisting she wasn’t loyal to her boyfriend. His “not to Malik” comment prompted an unbearable silence amongst the pundits before Abdo asked, “why would you even say that?”

The awkward incident caught the attention of Scott, who claimed he has no issue with Carragher so long as Abdo isn’t upset. “The only problem I have with things like that is if Kate feels some kind of way about it, she handled it very well,” he said to Lord Ping.

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“I thought Jamie was just being himself, sometimes he can have a runny mouth, sometimes he’s not that good at reading the room, sometimes he’s someone that can make beyond sarcastic jokes and it comes across as digging a little bit, especially if you’re dealing with a woman.

“But I don’t take it personal, it did not enter our home, it really was nothing, but in those types of situations my concern is more about Kate and her feelings, she is someone I’m very much in love with, so once I saw how she handled it, me and her discussed it, and that was that.”

So long as no further problems arise from the incident, Scott affirmed that he and Carragher are on good terms. But Deontay Wilder’s trainer warned he won’t be as forgiving if the broadcaster upsets Abdo in the future.

“As long as Kate is happy, I have no problem,” Scott said. “Now if he makes Kate upset then I have a serious problem and he’ll get a call from me, and if he doesn’t pick up my call I’ll show up in a physical manner for him.”

Scott reiterated that he didn’t “lose any sleep” over the gag, which he didn’t believe was backed by malicious intentions. “Jamie Carragher’s … obnoxiousness and his lack of knowing how to read the room works sometimes, that time it just didn’t work,” he continued.

“But sometimes it works and it plays off into a good joke, then someone else on the panel will play off that and it rolls off good on camera. But that wasn’t a good one Jamie, so you have to watch it really from now on because once Kate gets irritated, I get irritated and it makes me want to show up.”

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