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10pm, BBC Two

As we rejoin Diane Morgan’s comedy grotesque with the permanently pursed lips, nothing much has changed. She is still on the dole and hanging around with her long-suffering mate Lola. But could change be on the horizon? A new career as a flight attendant beckons but, for reasons that are too ludicrous to explain, Mandy finds herself wearing magnetic callipers for her maiden voyage. It’s utterly daft but Morgan inhabits Mandy’s deadpan gormlessness perfectly. Phil Harrison

Andi Oliver’s Fabulous Feasts

8pm, BBC Two

A cheerful new series in which Oliver takes a foodie tour of Britain with a difference – throwing parties in deserving communities and showcasing local produce. She begins in Cornwall, a tourist hub in summer but mired in poverty off-season. In cahoots with local food heroes including chef Ben Quinn, she brings a righteous feast. PH

Big Gay Wedding With Tom Allen

9pm, BBC One

Top tier … Tom Allen. Photograph: Adam Hobbs/BBC/Minnow Films

It’s the 10th anniversary of same-sex marriage, so Tom Allen is planning the big gay wedding of one couple’s dreams. He may not have a huge budget, but he’s got a whole host of famous friends on standby to help make the magic happen – including Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Cue a joyous and genuinely moving celebration of love and LGBTQ+ rights. Kayleigh Dray

Surgeons: At the Edge of Life

9pm, BBC Two

If you can take the gore, the footage of advanced procedures at a hospital in Southampton is utterly gripping, as surgeons conduct complex tasks with disaster a careless scalpel swipe away. The show is just as good at rounding out the story with the reasons why patients and medics desperately want a good outcome. Jack Seale

Professor T

9pm, ITV1

Ben Miller’s genius level criminologist returns and, as per the climax of series two, things have gone decidedly pear-shaped: he is in prison after his attempts to defend DCI Brand backfired. Needless to say, given his OCD, prison isn’t an environment in which he thrives, but will being surrounded by criminals offer a possible learning experience? PH

The 1980s Supermarket

9pm, Channel 5

After last year’s The 1970s Supermarket, here’s the logical next step in C5’s mission to get us chuckling at rubbish food from the recent past. It’s the 80s and the supermarket is a crazy world of ready-made sandwiches and potato waffles. PH

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