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Sum 41 are, sadly, ending their time as a band. After almost 40 years as a touring band, the Canadian rockers have now confirmed their upcoming double album will be their last.

At the end of the week, on Friday, March 29, 2024, Sum 41 will release their eighth and final album, Heaven :X: Hell.

Speaking to Kerrang about bringing their time to an end, singer Deryck Whibley said: “This is the best idea that Sum 41 has ever had for a record. If there’s one record that defines who we are, it’s this one.”

He went on to add that, even though this is the band’s final album, it is not a “winding down” but a “ramping up”. “I feel like I want to do more,” Deryck continued. “It felt like doing the same thing over and over again, while great and a privilege, made me ask myself, ‘Is this going to be the only thing I do – an album then a tour, on repeat?'”

As a result, the band are releasing this album, going on one final world tour, and calling it a day. We have all the details on how to get your copy of the album this week, what songs are on record, and what special editions are available.

Sum 41 will release their final album, Heaven :X: Hell, on Friday, March 29, 2024.

The record, which is a double album consisting of 20 tracks, will be available from midnight on the evening of Thursday, March 28, 2024.

This is supposedly the last album the band will release, ending their almost 40-year tenure in the charts as one of Canada’s biggest and best punk-rock bands.

Heaven :X: Hell follows their 2019 album Order In Decline, which swept up several four-star reviews and peaked at number two in the UK’s rock album charts.

Sum 41 Heaven :X: Hell will be available on Friday, March 29, 2024, and is available for purchase at a number of online retailers right now.

Included in this list of Heaven :X: Hell physical editions, you can grab CDs, Vinyls, or stream it online. Here’s the breakdown:

hmv – Sum 41, Heaven :X: Hell – CD

hmv – Sum 41, Heaven :X: Hell – (hmv Exclusive) Red & Blue with Black Splatter Vinyl

Amazon – Sum 41, Heaven :X: Hell – CD

Amazon – Sum 41, Heaven :X: Hell – Black Vinyl

If you’d rather stream the album online, you can do so for free through Amazon Music Unlimited – which is free for a limited time. Listen here, or read about the deal here.

Sum 41 are releasing Heaven :X: Hell as a double album. The 20 tracks, split down the middle, represent the heaven and hell of the band – their pop-punk roots and their heavy metal influences.

Here’s the full list of tracks available on Sum 41 – Heaven :X: Hell:

  1. Waiting On A Twist Of Fate
  2. Landmines
  3. I Can’t Wait
  4. Time Won’t Wait
  5. Future Primitive
  6. Dopamine
  7. Not Quite Myself
  8. Bad Mistake
  9. Johnny Libertine
  10. Radio Silence
  11. Preparasi A Salire
  12. Rise Up
  13. Stranger In These Times
  14. I Don’t Need Anyone
  15. Over The Edge
  16. House Of Liars
  17. You Wanted War
  18. Paint It Black
  19. It’s All Me
  20. How The End Begins

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