‘Best’ broadband for gaming unveiled – and it’s not Sky or BT

The “top” broadband for gamers has been revealed – and it’s not from Virgin, Sky or BT according to experts. Good internet is a must-have for gamers, as you need super-fast speeds for those big game downloads and a steady connection so you don’t lose out during an important match.

New research by Independent Advisor Broadband says EE is the best broadband for gamers. They came first out of seven main providers, with six different broadband plans on offer.

Their cheapest plan, Full Fibre 50 Essentials, gives average download speeds of 51Mbps and average upload speeds of 10Mbps. For serious gamers who want even faster speeds, EE’s priciest plan, Busiest Home Bundle, offers average download speeds of 1,600Mbps (1.6Gbps) and average upload speeds of 115Mbps.

When EE customers need help or advice about their broadband, they only wait just over a minute before their call is answered.

This is the quickest call waiting time out of all the providers we looked at. For every 100,000 EE customers, there are only 22 complaints made to Ofcom about the company’s broadband service.

TalkTalk, who have four different broadband plans, came in second place. Gamers can enjoy their most expensive plan, Full Fibre 900, which gives average download speeds of 944Mbps and average upload speeds of 110Mbps.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, TalkTalk’s Full Fibre 65 package might be the one for you. It offers average download speeds of 77Mbps and average upload speeds of 20Mbps.

However, it’s worth noting that TalkTalk has received 67 complaints from Ofcom for every 100,000 customers. But on the bright side, they have the second shortest call waiting time, averaging at just under a minute and a half. 

Third came Plusnet, who offer five different broadband plans. With their cheapest plan, Full Fibre 74, customers can achieve an average download speed of 74Mbps and an estimated upload speed of 20Mbps.

As a gamer, if these speeds aren’t quick enough for you, then you can take advantage of Plusnet’s most expensive package, Full Fibre 900. This plan offers average download speeds of 900Mbps and estimated upload speeds of 115Mbps.

Sky and BT didn’t fare so well, coming in seventh and sixth place respectively according to Independent Advisor Broadband experts. But if you want to explore your options, you can find out more about the

Rachel Sadler, a Home Technology expert at Independent Advisor Broadband, said: “Gaming and streaming are a huge part of British culture. It is important to maintain a strong and secure connection when gaming.”

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